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Key Benefits

We make you fly.

Accomplishment is when you know that you have given your best to serve the customers well. It makes you feel that as if you are soaring among the clouds. For you, it is when the aircraft looks good inside and out, all the systems are working in top shape and your passengers get to their destination safely and on time.

Lufthansa Technik quality and reasonable cost combined
Our location in Southeast Asia gives you the advantage of getting Lufthansa Technik quality through competitive prices.

Developed Expertise
Our success in providing fast turnaround times is deeply rooted from the experience that we have developed while strongly focusing on the A320 Family, A330, A340, and A380 aircraft types. We have clocked more than 10 million manhours and completed more than 500 base maintenance checks on these Airbus aircraft. The extension of Lufthansa Technik’s EASA 21 certification, makes us capable of providing in-house change/repair designs which lead to shorter turnaround times and minimized costs for our partners.

Strategic location
Located within a 4-hour flight radius, our customers from around the globe take advantage of our proximity to international hubs such as Singapore and Hong Kong. Our main facility is located inside the special economic zone within Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport, allowing for expedited arrival of aircraft parts and manageable duties and taxes.

Highly-skilled, English-speaking workforce
We employ only the best candidates from top universities and colleges in the Philippines. The training by Lufthansa Technical Training Philippines further hones the knowledge and skills of our people. The Philippines, being the largest English-speaking country in Asia, gives you the benefit of easy communication with our personnel.

Listening to our partners is what sets us apart. We provide solutions according to your priorities. Our flexibility has resulted to faster turnaround times and cost-savings for our partners.

We are your partner for the long haul. Our responsiveness goes beyond classifications such as legacy, low-cost, or lease return. Our long-standing partnerships with the world’s most reputable airlines are your guarantees of our reliability