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Company Policy

We, the Management Team of Lufthansa Technik Philippines, support the full implementation and governance of an integrated management system. This management system reflects our philosophy that quality is more than just a noble issue. Safety and quality are our main priorities, and the foundation of our success. Everyone in LTP, beginning from the Board of Directors via the President & CEO and all other officers, to every employee is committed to:

  • Comply with all legal, regulatory and customer requirements
  • Satisfy our customers and stakeholders
  • Deliver safe, high quality, airworthy products and services on-time, every time
  • Prevent accidents, cases of work-related injuries and ill-health
  • Prevent pollution and reduce any impact to the environment to an acceptable minimum
  • Continually review and improve our management system

LTP is also determined to achieve the highest level of safety performance by ensuring that safety is the primary responsibility of all managers and employees, by providing all the necessary resources and by adopting proven best practices in the industry.


The effectiveness of LTP’s management system is essential to our competitiveness and success. We can achieve this because:

(1) We ensure compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements of Aviation Authorities, and the National and Local Government, to satisfy their responsibilities to the public as far as aviation safety and quality, airworthiness, occupational health & safety, and the environment are concerned.

(2) We satisfy our customers by meeting or exceeding the standards mandated by their regulatory bodies, which they are used to receive from maintenance service providers.

(3) We ensure profitability for our shareholders by our quality processes, streamlined to ultimately improve the cost basis for the products sought by our customers.

(4) We provide our employees with stability, personal growth, fair treatment and a safe working environment through our “Just Policy” and human resource programs.