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LTP expands service capability for the A380

Now approved for C4-checks, following upgrade from Australian aviation authority

Lufthansa Technik Philippines (LTP) reaches another milestone in A380 expertise as Australian airline Qantas, returns for C4 Heavy Maintenance Checks on two of its Airbus A380s. It’s the first of its kind at LTP and the decision of Qantas to send their aircraft to Manila reflects long-term trust and partnership between airline and MRO.

Adding C4-check capability for the A380 is a significant accomplishment for any MRO. First, for the largest passenger aircraft, the C4 is one of the aviation industry’s most extensive maintenance checks to date. Second, very limited MROs worldwide are certified to perform this check. For LTP, reaching its latest capability only took less than a year of planning and completing trainings, equipment, certifications and investments.

Right on cue, as early generation A380s approach their 6th year mark and airline operators begin to schedule their heavy checks. This year, LTP has completed C2-checks for Air France before commencing C4-checks for Qantas.

Among the improvements in the A380 hangar, a fuselage docking system that joins the existing tail docking was constructed to run along both sides of the aircraft. It can be raised and lowered as needed to provide better access to both cabin floor levels. The middle section and wing docking systems are also built to easily inspect all wing surfaces, top and bottom, as well as engine/pylon areas.

The A380 is a massive aircraft – almost double the A340’s capacity. Organizations need to adapt to its size, so taking it apart needs dedicated equipment and workshops. For this reason, a large storage area was built to house all 600 seats in economy, business and first class configurations. Specialized workshops for different cabin parts were also built to accommodate the parts coming off the plane’s two floor levels.

These requirements were fulfilled by LTP through its strong impetus and dedication to further its A380 service expertise. With the C4 Heavy Maintenance approvals from aviation authorities such as Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), LTP is confident the facility has the ideal equipment and space to offer complete service solutions for the largest passenger aircraft in the world

With limited MRO providers capable of maintaining the A380, this development paves the way for LTP in realizing its vision of becoming a leading provider of MRO services in the region. To date, two leading airlines operators have sent their A380s to Manila. But with the advancement of its capabilities, LTP is poised to accommodate more customers, and meet the demand for A380 heavy maintenance checks in the coming years.

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