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Stay connected at 35,000 feet

Wi-Fi Modification and Koito Seat Installation on Virgin Atlantic’s A340s

Today’s hyperconnectivity means, at the touch of a finger, you can book a car, order clothes online, or get food delivered to your doorstep – from a wide selection of restaurants. To stay competitive, different industries are incorporating this into their business models, and aviation is no exception.

According to research firm Technavio, global in-flight entertainment is expected to grow at a rate of nearly 13% from 2015-2020. We can credit increasing air passenger traffic and the need of airlines to enhance the passenger’s travel experience. Before, passengers would prepare to disconnect during flight. Today, they can freely stream audio and video content at 35,000 feet.

British carrier Virgin Atlantic, strives to provide superior inflight experience to its customers. To keep up with the rising demand, it upgraded its entire fleet with WiFi. Its A340s flew to Lufthansa Technik Philippines, undergoing WiFi modifications in line with scheduled C-checks. Because the A340 is an aging aircraft, custom fitting the technology required a number of adjustments. Cabin structures, wirings and unique configurations all had to be taken into consideration throughout the modification process.

Aside from WiFi modification, Virgin Atlantic also replaced its seats. The Koito seats were specifically modified, so that the in-seat power supply complements the WiFi structure. All 285 seats in full economy, were modified, refreshing the cabin.

It was through the expertise and proactive collaboration of LTP’s skilled avionics, structures and cabin teams, that this was accomplished. “Our teams enjoyed open communication and cooperation with each other,” says Apollo Salle, Bay Manager at LTP. “Prioritizing tasks and efficient planning helped us release the aircraft on schedule.”

LTP also helped redesign the system and procedure, ultimately reducing aircraft turnaround time. Salle continued: “There were instances when we had to adjust. The box wasn’t a right fit, or the wires were a little too long. In the next layovers, LTP applied best practices, and helped refine the process.”

Says Terence Dudley, Head of Overseas & Outsourced Maintenance Operations at Virgin Atlantic: “LTP is one of our trusted partners. We are confident that they have the capability and expertise to deliver our requirements.”

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3rd Quarter 2016
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