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16 Years of strong partnership

Lufthansa Technik Philippines supports Philippine Airlines’ goal of reaching five stars in five years

A constant feature at the Lufthansa Technik Philippines (LTP) facility is the Philippine Airlines (PAL) fleet. Dotting the landscape is a small A319, a larger A330 and between them, a B777 which flies Philippine Airlines’ long-haul routes. All are getting prepared for their next flight in a few hours. This picture is expected to carry on, with the signing of PAL and LTP’s 5-year Line Maintenance contract. The agreement covers the airline’s fleet of B777, A340, A330, A320, and new A321s, for line maintenance and support services. The line maintenance contract is in addition to the 2-year contract for base maintenance of PAL’s Airbus fleet that the parties signed in early 2015. For LTP, these are successes that coincide with its 16 years of aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul operations. Dr. Burkhard Andrich, President and CEO of LTP, said: “Philippine Airlines has been with us since LTP’s founding, and to this day, plays an integral role in our operations. We look forward to this next chapter in our continuing collaboration with them.”

Comprehensive and strong support

This year, the Philippine flag carrier celebrates its 75th year anniversary. To commemorate the occasion, LTP helped PAL install specialized 75th Anniversary stickers on PAL’s entire Airbus and Boeing fleet. PAL has also announced its aim to become a 5-star airline in five years. PAL President PAL’s 75th Anniversary sticker is shown installed on a Boeing 777 aircraft and COO, Jaime Bautista said the flag carrier will achieve this objective by modernizing its fleet and upgrading its service offerings. In February, the company confirmed its procurement of six Airbus A350-900s. The A350 replaces the A340 quad jet in PAL’s fleet starting 2018. As PAL’s trusted MRO, LTP initiated an internal campaign to help PAL achieve those 5 stars. It will contribute by developing new standards and measures to improve the PAL fleet’s interiors and exterior appearance. According to Mr. Bautista, “Philippine Airlines embarks on its campaign to achieve five stars in five years. With the support of LTP, we look forward to making that happen.”

Continuing cooperation

LTP also ensures support for the future of Philippine Airlines’ fleet by looking to upgrade its service capabilities to include next-generation aircraft. It recently completed the renovation of its main hangar with the installation of a flexible docking system designed to accommodate the A350, among 12 other aircraft types.

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3rd Quarter 2016
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PAL’s 75th Anniversary sticker is shown installed on a Boeing 777 aircraft

Sealed partnerships (From the top L-R: Stewart Lim, PAL EVP/Treasurer and Chief Administration Officer; Joseph Chua, MacroAsia Corporation President & CEO; Jaime Bautista, PAL President and COO; Dr. Lucio Tan, PAL Chairman and CEO; Dr. Burkhard Andrich, LTP President & CEO; Edison Que, LTP SVP, CFO & CAO.)

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