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Minor changes approved

LTP set to develop minor changes under Design Organization Approval

Lufthansa Technik Philippines’ Engineering department has been recently granted authorization for minor changes under the Lufthansa Technik (LHT) Design Organization (EASA Part 21/J).

“We are proud of our LTP colleagues in the Asia Pacific for achieving this approval under the umbrella of LHT Design Organization. It exemplifies the wide reach of the Lufthansa network and our common aim towards quality solutions.” says Andreas Gherman, Senior Vice President, Head of Design Organization and Intellectual Property Management of Lufthansa Technik.

Since 2009, LTP has been designing minor repairs through its engineers who hold Design Engineering, Design Verification, Compliance Verification authorizations. The team eventually evolved its capabilities to author and verify not just minor repairs, but also minor changes.

Fully endorsed by its parent company and the EASA, LTP will now be able to author and approve minor changes for customer requirements, such as cabin retrofit requirements, installation or relocation of emergency equipment, changes in soft furnishings such as seat covers, curtains and carpets. Furthermore, these can be carried out alongside base maintenance events, minimizing an aircraft’s downtime.

“With LTP’s expanded in-house Design Organization Approval capability, we can further boost our turnaround times and our efficiency in addressing customers’ design requirements, streamlining the communication and approval processes,” says Rene Zaragoza, Vice President for Technical Services at LTP.

To date, LTP has performed minor changes for Lufthansa German Airlines, AirAsia X, and Philippine Airlines.

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