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Optimize your ground time

Lufthansa Technik Philippines completes major modifications in parallel with scheduled checks

Lufthansa Technik Philippines, strengthens its Airbus A380 expertise, as it fulfills the latest in A380 modifications. During recent base and heavy maintenance events, the MRO performed retrofits on the Upper Deck and Main Deck Doors, Wing Inboard Outer Fixed Leading Edge (IOFLE), and Flap track #6.

The modifications are the latest in service bulletins released by Airbus, where following tests or actual in-service flights, several areas in the A380 were found to be vulnerable to cracks or structural damage. To complete the modifications, it was important to be closely aligned with the OEM to ensure the smooth execution of critical tasks. Airbus experts were onsite prior to and during the initial modification, as they helped set up dedicated equipment, the right environment, and served as on-hand consultants. This translated to time savings, as it was immediate OEM feedback on items that may arise. Subsequent modifications were performed by LTP independently.

LTP understands that modifications take additional ground time. “We are committed to helping A380 operators optimize their aircraft’s maintenance layover,” says Sascha Leitner, Senior Vice President for Base Maintenance at LTP. “By offering our customers a comprehensive service portfolio for their requirements, we aim to perform more Door, IOFLE, and Flaptrack 6 retrofit works for the A380 in the coming months.”

Door modification

In A380 fatigue tests, cracks were discovered on the main deck and upper deck doors. To avoid crack formation, structural reinforcements need to be introduced. Airlines can opt to undertake the modification in one maintenance layover, or in several layovers. Here, LTP’s skilled structural mechanics removed all 16 passenger and crew doors. Detailed inspection and reinforcements were performed, and the doors were reinstalled to the aircraft.

Flap track #6

High vibrations during take-off can cause cracks at the flap track fairing and reduce the fatigue life of a flap track 6, behind the outer engine pylon in the rear wing area. To fix this issue, LTP’s structural mechanics carefully detached the parts and replaced them with a redesigned support and movable fairing, improving the fatigue life of the flap track 6.

Inboard outer fixed leading edge modification

Beneath the A380’s wing, between the Hinge Rib 1 and Closing Rib is the IOFLE. Full scale fatigue tests have shown cracks could develop in the area. To prevent a potentially unsafe situation, LTP performed the modification on the LH and RH structure as prescribed in SBs.

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Door modification

Flap track #6 modification

Inboard outer fixed leading edge modification

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