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Twice the capacity for this double decker

LTP performs IL-checks on two Lufthansa A380s

The twin A380s underwent their six-year checks alongside each other. Nearby widebodies were dwarfed by the two superjumbos, with two floors and wings that each spanned an impressive 261 feet across. It was an awe-inspiring picture, at Lufthansa Technik Philippines (LTP). Having recently opened its newly expanded hangar, it was able to welcome two Airbus A380s for heavy maintenance.

Registered D-AIMA and D-AIMB, Lufthansa German Airlines’ “Frankfurt am Main” and “München” were at LTP for their Intermediate Layover (IL) checks. It was a special event too for Lufthansa – being the first major overhauls in their A380 fleet. The cabins were stripped completely. Seats, galleys, lavatories, partitions, floor and wall panels were brought to the specialized workshops to undergo inspections, testing, refurbishment, and if necessary, repair. To make the most of the maintenance layovers, retrofits were performed in accordance with airworthiness directives. On the passenger doors, flap track #6, and Inboard Outer Fixed Leading Edge (IOFLE), modifications were painstakingly carried out. Representatives from Airbus were onsite to work on the Cruciform Frame 56 modification, and this worked to the MRO’s advantage, as LTP was able to work closely with them to ensure the work performed is up to par with the European airframer’s standards.

“We are very happy that Lufthansa chose to extend our partnership with their A380s this year,” says Rainer Janke, Vice President for Marketing and Sales at Lufthansa Technik Philippines. As we continue developing our A380 capabilities, we will strive to provide our customers unparalleled engineering expertise, and dedicated service.” Since opening its first A380 hangar in 2012, it has won over several A380 customers. Aside from Lufthansa, it has performed base and heavy maintenance checks for Air France, Qantas Airways, and Asiana Airlines. Prior to the Lufthansa A380 campaign, LTP closed a D-check and cabin modification campaign for ten Airbus A340s in 2015.

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