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50th A380 Check at Lufthansa Technik Philippines

We’ve come full circle: 50th A380 Check at Lufthansa Technik Philippines

Qantas Airways’ A380 registered VH-OQD, was the 50th A380 layover at Lufthansa Technik Philippines. Arriving shortly after midnight in April, Fergus McMaster turned into the taxiway and into M2, where it was welcomed by the spirited water cannons of two airport firetrucks – their water arcs rising to more than 24 meters above the ground.

The 50th layover was a C2 Check that includes modifications on the Flap Track 3 & 4 and doors. Upon its completion, a Thanksgiving lunch was held for the employees who worked on Qantas and other A380 aircraft over the past five years. Qantas Airways’ Senior Manage-ment also flew in to join the festivities. Says Elmar Lutter, President & CEO of Lufthansa Technik Philippines: “Qantas Airways is one of our most valued A380 customers. They are also our partners in continuous growth – we learn from every layover and identify areas for improvement. We are happy to share this milestone, our 50th A380 layover, with them.”

Coincidentally, VH-OQD was also the first A380 to arrive, when LTP first opened the capability in 2012. The aircraft has since returned in 2013 and 2015 for C2 and C4 Checks and modifications, respectively.

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