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Close to his heart

Close to his heart: Get to know Lufthansa Technik Philippines’ new President & CEO

Elmar Lutter, President and CEO of Lufthansa Technik Philippines, has a soft place in his heart for the country. In his previous assignments as head of Lufthansa Technik Budapest and Puerto Rico, he had always looked forward to news from back in Manila.

That is because prior to his roles as CEO, he had been stationed here as Vice President of Base Maintenance (formerly Aircraft Overhaul or AO) for two years and 10 months. Many employees recall having worked with Mr. Lutter during his AO days - the familiarity proves to be an advantage as he prepares to hit the ground running.

What are your key objectives during your term?

Lufthansa Technik Philippines is in a good position within Asia, a major engine of fleet growth and MRO demand. In a bid to leverage and capture a larger share of this market, LTP made the investment earlier to expand its facilities, capabilities, and equipment. The growth we experience today as a result, will be continued by expanding further Lufthansa Technik Group’s presence in Asia We will do this by reaching out to more base maintenance customers globally. For line maintenance, we will explore expansion beyond the Philippines’ airports.

Second, we will intensify our safety management system by establishing predictive mechanisms and promoting a culture of safety, to fulfill regulatory requirements and serve our customers who are known for the quality and safety of their aircraft.

Third, we will streamline processes in parallel with the Lufthansa Technik network standards, to better provide services to our customers globally, and communicate these to all employees, through various channels.

In which direction to you see LTP growing?

We are in a good location at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). But our space for growth is very limited here. We are reviewing options for expansion and will have to look further than NAIA. There are opportunities for expansion in the line maintenance in other locations domestically and internationally. For base maintenance, we are also looking at being closer to our customers, especially for narrowbodies.

How can LTP position itself among its competitors in Asia?

Filipinos have exceptional work ethic, and an excellent command of the English Language. Lufthansa Technik Philippines employs highly skilled mechanics and provides the best training through Lufthansa Technical Training, which makes it an ideal place for airlines’ maintenance requirements.

Before his roles as CEO and VP for Base Maintenance, Elmar Lutter served as Director for Production Aircraft Overhaul in Lufthansa Technik Hamburg. From 2000-2003, he was manager for workshops cabin electronics and rescue & safety at Lufthansa Technik in Frankfurt. From 1998 to 2000, he was team leader avionics, production support & planning, Lufthansa Technik Hamburg. From 1990 – 1997, he was an avionics systems engineer and aircraft systems engineer.

Mr. Lutter has gained his MBA in Aviation from the Danube University Krems, Austria, Diploma in Marketing from 1992 – 1998, and Diploma in Electrical Engineering from 1984 – 1990. He is the 6th LTP president, starting from June 1, 2017.

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